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Benefits of buying property in Thailand

Thailand’s real estate market is rich and diverse. The cost of apartments depends on the location, level of decoration or area. You can choose from the offers a cheaper space, without amenities and in less attractive areas, or you can decide to buy a comfortable apartment with a beautiful view at a price close to European prices. If you have been to Thailand, you could not help but notice the hospitality of the locals, the pleasant climate, stunning landscapes and affordable prices. The country attracts some tourists so much that they decide to move to Thailand for permanent residence. It’s no secret that the country’s economy is on the rise — the standard of living is increasing, the manufacturing sector is developing, the well-being of the population is growing.

Why Thailand?

Thailand also attracts an inexpensive labor force with a high level of labor, so by buy real estate thailand you can move your business here. By the way, the import and export of savings here is not limited by anything. The advantages of buying a home in this region are also the absence of taxes on residential real estate and developed infrastructure. Investments in houses and apartments will definitely bring income. For example, you can buy a house at the construction stage and sell it ready-made, earning about 20% of the cost. You can also earn passive income by renting out real estate.

Price overview

The cost of housing in Thailand varies widely. There are options for buyers with a modest budget and really luxurious villas, the purchase of which only a few can afford. Among the factors that affect pricing are location, local infrastructure, internal characteristics. For example, a small apartment in a multi-storey building will cost you 1000-1500 thousand rubles, and a penthouse with a panoramic view — 35 million. Houses are a little more expensive: a small cottage — from a million, villas with a private pool — from 20 million rubles.

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